Innovation and the Digital Enterprise

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Rethinking Change Management with Allen Smith

Agile Methodology, Leadership & Management, Culture

Making Trust Possible with Swati Shah

Business Strategy, Culture

Turning Adversity into Opportunities for Innovation with Matt DiBari

Teamwork, Business Strategy

Venture Capital Pros and Cons with Will McGivern-Smith

Start-Ups, Venture Capital

Product Thought Leadership with Timothy Alvis


Creating an Inclusive Tech Community with Desiree Vargas Wrigley

AI & Machine Learning

The Power of Machine Learning with Alex Muller

AI & Machine Learning

Deep Tech in the World of Banking with Chintan Mehta


Innovation Summit Highlights Part 2

Leadership & Management

Innovation Summit Highlights Part 1

Leadership & Management

Investing in Digital and Renewables with Brian Case

Leadership & Management, Digital

The Future of Banking with Dean Haacker

Financial Services, Fintech

Innovating Cboe’s Data and Access Solutions with Catherine Clay

Financial Services, Fintech

Purpose-Driven Decision Making with 1871’s CEO Betsy Ziegler

Leadership & Management, Start-Ups

Developing a Culture that Supports Innovation with Eric Rempel


Using Data Analytics to Fuel Medical Discovery with Jennifer Van Camp

Data Analytics

Breaking Down Barriers to Success with John Kett

Leadership & Management

Helping the Next Generation of Startups with Roger Liew


Enabling Citizen Data Science with Ari Kaplan

Data Analytics, AI & Machine Learning

Product Manager Mindset with Dustin Kirkland

Financial Services, Fintech, Product Management

Continuous Learning Programs within the DOD with Nicolas Chaillan

Leadership & Management, Culture

Business Strategy Design with Matt Kelly

Business Strategy

Creating Pipelines for Women Tech Leaders with Thulasi Kethini

Talent, Start-Ups

Product-Driven Leadership with Michael Senftleber

Leadership & Management, Logistics, Product Management

Drawing Top Talent with a Global Mentality with Dick Burke

Talent, Start-Ups

Collaborative Design & Software-First Organizations with Scott Prugh

Teamwork, Software Development

Innovation in Slow Moving Industries with Andrew Watts

Technology, Start-Ups

Finding Flow in Software Development with Mik Kersten

Software Development

Making an In-person Customer Experience Digital with Nag Vaidyanathan

Technology, Financial Services, Fintech

Creating a Mission-Driven Culture with Thomas South

Financial Services, Culture

How Chicago Became a Hub for Entrepreneurs with Scott Kitun


Achieving Predictable Success for Your Company with Les McKeown

Business Strategy

Bringing a Startup Mindset to the Education Industry with Jason Dole

Leadership & Management

How Machine Learning Improves Supply Chains with Vivek Vaid

AI & Machine Learning, Logistics, Start-Ups

Unleashing the Power of Mobile Marketing with Brian Garofola

Technology, Start-Ups

How Trust Builds Passion with Ann Madea

Leadership & Management, Culture

Making Risk a Revenue Driver with Matt Kunkel

Technology, Start-Ups

How Digital Intimacy Can Increase Sales and Satisfaction with Matt Coughlin


Why Discretionary Effort is a Sign of a Healthy Organization with Ryan Jeffery

Leadership & Management

How Optimism and Grit Go Hand in Hand with Kristi Zuhlke

Leadership & Management, Personal Development

Building, Then Reinventing, Your Personal Brand with Alison Vorsatz

Personal Development, Start-Ups

Rituals to Cultivate a Fearless Culture with Gene Kim


Thinking Beyond the Immediate in Business with David Hoag

Leadership & Management, Financial Services

Balancing Innovation and the Bottom Line with Reza Rooholamini


Bringing Innovation from the Private Sector to Government with Sean T. O’Kelly


How Optimizing Technology Can Help Businesses Scale with Karen Fedyszyn


Conflict, Failures and Transparency as Business Assets with Sean Brown

Leadership & Management, Financial Services, Fintech, Start-Ups, Culture

Open Communication and Frameworks for High Performing Teams with Eric Foster

Leadership & Management, Teamwork, Culture

Building Better, More Diverse Workplaces for Mothers with Allison Robinson


From HR to Hip-Hop: Unlocking Insights Through Analytics with Zack Johnson

Data Analytics

Two Decades in Chicago’s Finance & Fintech Ecosystem with Randy Rivera

Financial Services, Fintech

Combining Cutting Edge Technology & Civic Innovation with Adam Hecktman


Trust, Teams and Giving Back with Christian Anschuetz, UL’s Chief Digital Officer


Roman Dumiak: Creating a Culture of Innovation in IT

Technology, Teamwork

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