Building Platforms and Patterns for Innovation

 Patrick Emmons  May 18, 2023 6:00:00 AM  0 Comments

Building Platforms and Patterns for Innovation

Deploying the most critical systems to the cloud first was a bold strategy for Fitch Group. It’s an approach Derek Ferguson, Global Head of Enterprise Architecture, and Chris Lalor, Senior Director – Technology Enablement, believe was essential to the successful transformation to the cloud for the Group’s companies and is how they continue to manage complex, new technology to date.

In this episode, Derek and Chris dive into avoiding friction in the development process, enabling developers to innovate, and embracing the possibility of failure while reducing potential failure points. They also share their perspectives on service mesh, creating functionality that scales, and the exciting innovations ahead in 2023.

  • (01:23) – Fitch Group
  • (07:58) – Journey to the cloud
  • (11:31) – Reducing friction for developers
  • (15:25) – Avoiding bottlenecks
  • (20:19) – Reducing points of failure
  • (23:33) – Key innovation of service mesh
  • (28:14) – Expanding the tech team
  • (30:36) – Looking ahead in 2023

About Our Guests

Derek Ferguson is the Global Head of Enterprise Architecture at Fitch Group, Inc. Derek is an experienced head of technology professional with previous roles at JPMorgan Chase and Bear Stearns.

Chris Lalor is the Senior Director - Technology Enablement at Fitch Group, Inc. Previously, Chris led cloud and compute architecture at Viacom MTV Networks.

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