Who We Are

The People Building 99.99 Software

Our team strength lies in a shared commitment to 5 core values.

They are the “why” that propels us out onto the playing field with winning as our only option.



We empower our clients and teammates to achieve huge successes and enjoy the accolades.



We initiate solutions, take ownership of issues without passing blame, and operate as a forward-thinking team.



We have a constant eye towards improvement. Our processes and behaviors are driven by efficiency.



We are committed to self-improvement and find ways to align our learning with the goals of the organization.



We follow through on what we say. We are committed to getting it done. Whatever it takes, it CAN be done.

Our Recent Awards

We’re proud of our recent awards because they are a result of the value we provide to our clients and partners. Our team is dedicated and passionate about developing software that’s faster, tougher, and better.

Inc. 5000

We address the ever-increasing demands of doing more, having less, and performing better.

Tear Down Silos

Tear Down Silos

Let’s bring business and IT together with transparency and collaboration.

Coach Software Teams

Coach Software Teams

By following the playbook, your team will create 99.99 software.

Transform Through Innovation

Transform Through Innovation

Teams, companies, and industries will revolutionize with modernization at their core.

Shift Paradigm from Cost to Profit

Shift Paradigm from Cost to Profit

Your team will go from an expense of doing business to an asset without which business cannot be run.

Our Process

DragonSpears leans upon decades of experience in developing software that powers your vision.

Our proven process allows us to deliver quickly, pivot effortlessly, and reduce risk while driving innovation.

How We Got Our Name

DragonSpears was inspired by the U.S. Air Force’s AC-130 Spectre gunship, code-named “Dragon Spear.” This fixed-wing aircraft uses sophisticated sensors, navigation, and fire-control systems to arrive undetected and ensure support for ground troops. We work the same way, arriving without fanfare and supporting your team when you need it most.

Meet the Founder

Patrick Emmons

Founder/CEO, DragonSpears
Patrick Emmons

“DragonSpears is the confident partner that businesses need. We help you adopt new ways of working and approaches to software delivery, while simultaneously embedding culture change through upskilling and empowering your teams.” - Patrick Emmons

Meet the Advisory Board

Howard Diamond

Howard Diamond

Chief Strategy Officer, Rise Interactive

Lawson Kelly

Lawson Kelly

Chief Technology Officer, Hyatt

Shelli Nelson

Shelli Nelson

Managing Director, Talent Acquisition Madison Industries

Jim Vaselopulos

Jim Vaselopulos

Founder and CEO, Rafti Advisors

Our Partners

We forge valuable alliances in our quest to be your heroes.


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