Career Opportunities

Your Skills

How sharp are your weapons? Odds are, any custom mobile and website development shop would be thrilled to have you join their team. Whether it’s your process consulting skills or your ability to develop intuitive and powerful applications (or both) you’re the one in control here.

You’re being wasted where you are now. No need for adrenalin. No need to keep your weapons sharp. And when they tell you that the next project is a “beast,” you roll your eyes.

It’s time to see what you can really do.

Our Culture & Benefits

DragonSpears’ culture can be summed up in four words: It can be done.

We believe the only limitation is between our ears. And we know that, when you put your mind to it, you can build a solution that not only meets the goals, but also lets clients take their businesses to the next level.

Of course, we have very similar benefits (See the list below) as other development firms, but what we offer that no one else can is the ability to work on the biggest challenges in our industry – often taking over from far larger development firms that have fallen on the path. Join us, as we clear the wreckage and slay the beast.

Medical/Dental Insurance: Both medical and dental insurance are provided by BlueCross BlueShield. For medical, we offer a choice between the Blue Platinum PPO and Blue Precision HMO. The dental plan is the BlueCare dental plan. Currently, DragonSpears pays 100 percent of premiums for its employees, their spouses and their dependents.

Vacation: Vacation Time/Sick Leave/Holidays. Each employee is eligible for both paid vacation time and sick leave. Additionally, DragonSpears provides paid time off for several nationally recognized holidays.

Retirement Plan: Employees are eligible to participate in our 401k plan on the first of the month following their start date provided that they’ve met the requirements of the plan: have attained the age of 21. DragonSpears will contribute 3 percent of employee’s compensation after he/she has been employed for 1 year.

Bonuses: Most employees are eligible for quarterly bonuses, which can annually equate to a maximum of 10 percent of the employee's salary.

Casual Dress: On a typical day at DragonSpears, you will find employees wearing business casual attire: jeans and gym shoes are okay! It is not uncommon to see dress up days, sports jersey days, and the occasional Halloween costume (just on Halloween of course).

Flexible Hours: DragonSpears has a core hours policy to ensure that we are available when our clients need us while still being flexible enough to allow for the early birds to arrive earlier and leave earlier when possible and the night owls to sleep in and work later when possible.

Work from Home: Having furniture delivered? Dealing with dreaded service window the cable company promised? Feeling like you could use a day to grind out some work with no one else around? Sometimes it just makes sense to work from home in order to take care of these things. DragonSpears provides the flexibility to work from home from time to time.

That’s How Legends are Made

You’re not one to let a list of job openings stop you from joining a company that lets you use your skills to their greatest advantage.

You’ve seen the movie. You’ve read the book. Everyone told the hero to “Stay put!” “Don’t risk it!” and “What makes you think you can succeed where so many others have failed?”

There’s a reason they grabbed their spear and ran forward.


Surround yourself with a team that does not settle for “good enough.”

It can be done.

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