Purpose-Driven Decision Making with 1871’s CEO Betsy Ziegler

[fa icon="user"] Patrick Emmons [fa icon="calendar"]  May 6, 2021 6:00:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

As the CEO of 1871, an entrepreneurial hub of innovation, Betsy Ziegler is an expert in early-stage growth and helps businesses grow from an idea to the Fortune 500. For Betsy, one of the most important metrics for success is whether a business adheres to purpose-driven decision-making.

This week on Innovation and the Digital Enterprise, Betsy joins Patrick and Shelli to discuss how 1871 is supporting businesses throughout Chicago and what metrics she believes will help catapult organizations to higher levels of growth. Listen in for her insights.

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Developing a Culture that Supports Innovation with Eric Rempel

[fa icon="user"] Patrick Emmons [fa icon="calendar"]  Apr 29, 2021 6:00:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

Democratizing innovation leads to happy customers and happy employees that feel a sense of purpose and belonging at work. Creating teams that balance accountability and purpose is Eric Rempel’s vision of success.

Eric is the Chief Innovation Officer at Redwood Logistics. He joined Patrick and Shelli on this week’s episode of Innovation and the Digital Enterprise for a discussion on creating an organization that is mission-driven, where employees can see the impact they are making. Tune in for his insights and to learn more about Redwood Logistics.

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Improving Security and Access with SSO and Password Managers

[fa icon="user"] Daniel Anderson [fa icon="calendar"]  Apr 21, 2021 6:00:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

As your company scales, so does the complexity of sharing access to resources. Various applications, methods, and tools are available to support authentication and authorization across your organization. Here’s a look at two of our favorites – Auth0 and LastPass – that enable access across your organization while improving security.

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Streaming Events Among Your Microservices Using Apache Kafka

[fa icon="user"] Robert Perrin [fa icon="calendar"]  Apr 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

Building a system of microservices to support your business’s operations is a challenge faced by architects and executives at companies large and small. Orchestrating flows of data and actions across many services and servers without breeding complexity that slows your development and saps your agility is demanding. Data streaming services are an excellent option for connecting your microservices, maintaining efficiency, and controlling costs. Here’s how to get started connecting your microservices with the data streaming service Apache Kafka.

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Using Data Analytics to Fuel Medical Discovery with Jennifer Van Camp

[fa icon="user"] Patrick Emmons [fa icon="calendar"]  Apr 1, 2021 6:30:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

Jennifer Van Camp has worked in research for major pharmaceutical companies for more than 20 years. In her experience, medical research produces extensive data but there aren't always processes in place to leverage this information. When she had the opportunity to go on sabbatical, she thought about this problem and came up with an entrepreneurial solution.

This week, Jennifer joined Patrick and Shelli to talk about the idea of digital exhaust in medical research and what she and her team are doing to combat it. She also discussed her philosophy of leadership as well as her belief in the power of mentorship. Listen to the episode for more of her insights.

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