Oct 19, 2023 | 2 min read

Building Innovative Software Technology and Teams with Dom Scandinaro

By: Patrick Emmons


The first day on the job sets the tone, which is why Dom Scandinaro, SVP of Engineering & Data at fan connection app Cameo, encourages new hires to deploy code to production on their very first day. As an experienced software engineer and technology leader, Dom fosters day-one collaborations when bringing on a new team member. Even during growth periods with competing priorities.

In this episode, Dom discusses his journey in software engineering and his own spirit of curiosity, which was inspired by his entrepreneurial father. He talks about his work with Black Girls Code, whose mission is “to provide Black girls access to engaging computer programming education that sparks their interest in technology, unlocks their potential and leads to more equitable communities.” He shares how Black Girls Code encourages curiosity in those new to coding and stresses the value of embracing unfamiliar challenges. Dom also provides insight into hiring talent, examining processes during growth periods, and how individual contributors can develop into managers.

  • (02:27) – Finding software engineering
  • (04:46) – Black Girls Code
  • (08:47) – First day on the job
  • (11:57) – Leading and decision-making in growth periods
  • (17:44) – An entrepreneurial father
  • (20:10) – Embracing new things
  • (23:30) – Growing into leadership

About Our Guest

Dom Scandinaro is the Senior Vice President of Engineering & Data at Cameo. An experienced software engineer and technology leader, Dom has held roles at Mac & Mia, Luxury Garage Sale, DialogTech, and HelloWorld. Dom earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Wheeling University. He is a member of the core Chicago team for Black Girls Code.

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