Easing Friction in Retail Technology with Subramanian Kunchithapatham

 Patrick Emmons  Nov 16, 2023 8:16:10 AM  0 Comments


How do you create a frictionless experience for shoppers while keeping shrink under control? CTO of Sensormatic Solutions Subramanian Kunchithapatham—KS—spearheads innovative technologies to solve major retail questions and utilizes over two decades of experience to meet these challenges at the speed of retail evolution and digitization. His work explores shopper experience, inventory intelligence, loss prevention, and operational efficiency, all of which are underpinned by AI, machine learning, and video analytics technologies.

In this episode, KS shares insight into a detailed pain-point innovation methodology, including honing in on areas ripe for disruption and the consideration of cost. He discusses how shoppers are making purchase decisions (everywhere and anywhere) and how Sensormatic Solutions is providing innovative technologies for its industry customers to meet that demand.

Patrick, Shelli, and KS discuss how the pandemic reshaped retail and how those lessons have helped make for an improved customer experience now. KS also provides details on how Sensormatic Solutions is attracting and retaining talent in a highly competitive tech landscape.

  • (02:55) – Sensormatic Solutions
  • (06:37) – Accelerated digitization of retail
  • (13:30) – In-store experience
  • (18:15) – Frictionless shopping 
  • (20:20) – Pain point innovation
  • (29:33) – Attracting and retaining talent

About Our Guest

Subramanian Kunchithapatham (KS) is the Chief Technology Officer of Sensormatic Solutions, the leading global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls. He previously held roles at Zebra Technologies and Motorola. Before his decades-long career in transformational leadership, he earned an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management and a PhD from the Indian Institute of Science.

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