Lessons in Technology Leadership with Tony Newcome

 Patrick Emmons  Aug 24, 2023 6:00:00 AM  0 Comments


With a growing family, Tony Newcome took a major risk in returning to his software engineering roots after years in leadership—pay cut and all. Ultimately, the risk was rewarded. During his two decades of experience in the industry, Tony has held significant roles during critical growth moments at ExactTarget and Salesforce, and he currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer at ActiveCampaign, where he specializes in product development and software engineering. 

In this episode, Tony reflects on his journey to earning his degree and the mentorship he received from his father. He shares his approach to “integrating” your life and his mindset when people leave an organization. In looking ahead, Tony offers his perspective on utilizing AI as a tool, the challenge of deep fakes, and the trend emerging in conflict resolution skills.

  • (02:30) – ActiveCampaign
  • (09:47) – Balance vs. integration
  • (12:55) – Imposter syndrome
  • (15:59) – Motivation 
  • (17:20) – Collaboration and building trust
  • (21:30) – Knowing when a leadership role fits
  • (28:40) – Deep fakes of the future
  • (31:53) – Developing skills around conflict

About Our Guest

Tony Newcome is a growth-oriented, product-focused technologist serving as Chief Technology Officer at ActiveCampaign. With a background in software engineering, he has served as Senior Vice President, Engineering at Salesforce and significantly scaled the global platforms of ExactTarget. Tony earned a bachelor’s degree in computer technology from Purdue University.

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