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Helping the Next Generation of Startups with Roger Liew

The True Cost of Technical Debt in Agile Software Development

Enabling Citizen Data Science with Ari Kaplan

The Minimum Viable Product Approach to Software Development

Product Manager Mindset with Dustin Kirkland

Accelerate Your Agile Workflow with Continuous Deployment

Continuous Learning Programs within the DOD with Nicolas Chaillan

6 Benefits of Software Prototyping in Application Development

Business Strategy Design with Matt Kelly

Creating Pipelines for Women Tech Leaders with Thulasi Kethini

Building Software Development Teams for Strategic Growth

Product-Driven Leadership with Michael Senftleber

Drawing Top Talent with a Global Mentality with Dick Burke

An Introduction to Continuous Code Quality Reviews Using SonarQube

5 Step Agile Approach to a Productive Requirements Gathering Phase

Employee Spotlight: John Reiner

Achieve Multi-Tenancy with Database Sharding and Azure Elastic Scale

Collaborative Design & Software-First Organizations with Scott Prugh

Employee Spotlight: Natalie Lopez

Employee Spotlight: Caitlin Whitworth

Getting Started with Serverless Framework Using AWS

Covid-19 Lessons Learned About Remote Agile Ceremonies

Employee Spotlight: Sean Sullivan

Employee Spotlight: Zachary Sersland

Innovation in Slow Moving Industries with Andrew Watts

How Feature Flags Enable Agile Decisions and Improve CI/CD

Finding Flow in Software Development with Mik Kersten

Pros and Cons of Using Windows Containers to Containerize Monoliths

Making an In-person Customer Experience Digital with Nag Vaidyanathan

3 Steps to Conduct a Successful Agile Project Kick-Off Meeting

Creating a Mission-Driven Culture with Thomas South

DragonSpears Named One of Chicago’s 2020 Best Companies to Work For!

How Chicago Became a Hub for Entrepreneurs with Scott Kitun

Experienced CTOs Share Advice on Software Team Advancement

Achieving Predictable Success for Your Company with Les McKeown

How to Get Your Database Migration Started with AWS DMS

Bringing a Startup Mindset to the Education Industry with Jason Dole

4 Steps to a Legacy Application Modernization Plan

Building Distributed Systems to Cope with Unavoidable Failure

How Machine Learning Improves Supply Chains with Vivek Vaid

The SRE Model and Its Business Implications

Unleashing the Power of Mobile Marketing with Brian Garofola

Why Every Project Should Start with a Design Thinking Phase

How Trust Builds Passion with Ann Madea

Repeatable 5-Step Software Deployment Plan

Making Risk a Revenue Driver with Matt Kunkel

How Innovative Chicago Businesses are Addressing COVID-19

How Digital Intimacy Can Increase Sales and Satisfaction with Matt Coughlin

Here’s What We’ve Learned from Building a Remote Work Culture

Why Discretionary Effort is a Sign of a Healthy Organization with Ryan Jeffery

How Optimism and Grit Go Hand in Hand with Kristi Zuhlke

Building, Then Reinventing, Your Personal Brand with Alison Vorsatz

Effective Ways to Manage Change on Your Agile Team

Rituals to Cultivate a Fearless Culture with Gene Kim

3 Essential Steps for Onboarding Developers Successfully

How to Run an Effective 1-Day Design Thinking Workshop

Thinking Beyond the Immediate in Business with David Hoag

4 Steps Dev Teams Can Take to Improve the Operational SDLC Phase

Stability as a Core Concept in Software Development

Balancing Innovation and the Bottom Line with Reza Rooholamini

Backlog Grooming Best Practices That Drive Successful Agile Sprints

Azure Container Orchestration 101: Azure Web Apps vs ACI vs AKS

Bringing Innovation from the Private Sector to Government with Sean T. O’Kelly

3 Things Every Software Project Manager Should Do to Manage Scope

How Optimizing Technology Can Help Businesses Scale with Karen Fedyszyn

6 Steps to Simplify the Data Migration Process with Legacy Applications

How Successful IT Leaders Facilitate a DevOps Culture for Large Teams

3 Benefits of Hiring an Outside Software Consultant To Do a Code Audit

How to Enhance Your Technical Interview to Find Better Candidates

Conflict, Failures and Transparency as Business Assets with Sean Brown

DragonSpears CEO Patrick Emmons Accepted into Forbes Technology Council

Open Communication and Frameworks for High Performing Teams with Eric Foster

3 Reasons Why Azure is a Great Option for Cloud-Native Applications

How Azure Site Recovery Works and Why We Use It

Value Stream Mapping for Improved Software Delivery Practices

AWS Backup Solutions that Simplify Disaster Recovery

Monolith to Microservices Using the Strangler Pattern, SNS, and SQS

Building Better, More Diverse Workplaces for Mothers with Allison Robinson

Tips for Safeguarding Your Company from the Risks of Legacy Apps

How Using a Business Rules Engine Can Benefit Your Business

From HR to Hip-Hop: Unlocking Insights Through Analytics with Zack Johnson

DragonSpears Named One of Chicago’s 2019 Best Companies to Work For!

A CI/CD Pipeline with Azure DevOps and AWS Managed Kubernetes

Experienced Facilitator Shares How to Run an Effective Design Sprint

Two Decades in Chicago’s Finance & Fintech Ecosystem with Randy Rivera

Cloud-Native Database Success Story

3 Cloud Strategies that Mitigate the Risks of Vendor Lock-In

Combining Cutting Edge Technology & Civic Innovation with Adam Hecktman

Developer Onboarding Checklist for Successful Agile Teams

How DragonSpears is Advocating for AI and Machine Learning

Agile Communication Plan Best Practices for Successful Outsourcing

4 Signs You’ve Found a Great Software Consultant

Trust, Teams and Giving Back with Christian Anschuetz, UL’s Chief Digital Officer

Core Values that Drive the Best Software Development Companies

Benefits of Using ASP.Net Core Template for Future Development Efforts

AWS Container Orchestration 101: ECS vs Fargate vs EKS

Shed Light on Your Cloud Workload with AWS Well-Architected Framework

Benefits of Using AWS Outposts to Support Your Hybrid Cloud System

Advantages and Disadvantages of MacInCloud for Xamarin iOS Development

6 CloudWatch Alerts That Keep Your AWS Environment Optimized

How to Handle Continuous Deployment Across Multiple Environments

User Acceptance Testing Best Practices for a Successful Go-Live

4 Common Problems That Inhibit JIRA Workflow Agility

How an Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Approach Can Limit Software Success

How Cloud-Based Automation Testing Tools Create Better Software

CI/CD with Jenkins and Azure DevOps Services

Creating Long-Term Success with a Product vs. Project Mindset

Maintaining a Healthy Product Backlog in Agile

Microsoft Power BI: Benefits and Drawbacks

AWS Features That Make Apps More Cloud Native After Lift and Shift

Deliver Better Software by Using a DevOps Scorecard

Top 4 AWS Security Features That Keep Your Cloud Secure

How Elite DevOps Teams Are Outperforming Their Peers by 2000X

How Students Can Find the Best Engineering Career Opportunities

Intro to HashiCorp and the 4 Tiers of Multi-Cloud Management

Case Study: Created a Roadmap for Image Recognition Platform

Overcoming Application Modernization Issues During a Xamarin Upgrade

DragonSpears Named One of Chicago’s 2018 Best Companies to Work For!

4 Reasons to Embrace Application Deployment Automation

2 Key Insights About Choosing a Software Engineer Career Path

Why TFS to VSTS Migration is a Low-Risk Approach to Starting DevOps

How to Avoid Bottlenecks with Application Performance Monitoring

A .Net Lambda Function That Creates Better User Experience at Sign-On

Powering Kubernetes: Benefits and Drawbacks of Azure vs. AWS

DragonSpears is a CIOReview Top 20 Most Promising DevOps Provider!

Beginner’s Guide to Adopting Containers for Application Development

How DORA Provides a Clear Roadmap for DevOps Transformation

Strengthen Your Agile Team by Encouraging Community Service

6 Ways Cloud-Based Applications Benefit Your Business

5 Lesser-Known AWS Services That Can Benefit Your Application

Fundamental Leadership Tools for Progressive Agile Organizations

How to Automate Your SQL Server Backup and Restore with AWS RDS

Docker and Kubernetes: A Force for Deploying Microservice Applications

Build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline Using TestFlight and HockeyApp

Microsoft Tech Summit: 3 Ways Cloud is Driving Digital Transformation

An Agile Communication System That Elevates Team Collaboration

Top 5 DevOps Blogs for the Latest Trends, Strategies, and News

How Coverdell Used a Proof of Concept to Improve DevOps Practices

Accelerate Product Development by Improving Your Hiring Process

Align Business and IT By Committing to Change Management Principles

5 Useful AWS Services to Use After You’ve Migrated Your Application

4 Steps to Ensure a Killer Project Initiation

The Secret to Building High-Functioning Software Development Teams

7 Agile Leadership Tools that Free Up Time for Strategy

Tips for Developing your AWS Disaster Recovery Plan

Top Resources for Achieving your AWS Certification

Two DevOps Books Every IT Leader Should Read

What I Learned About Leadership From Applying Kanban Process at Home

3 Cosmetic Upgrades to Move Closer to a Microservices Architecture

2 Approaches to Building a DevOps Toolchain

6 Common Application Migration Strategies

2 Questions Every Cloud Migration Strategy Should Answer

5 Foundational Steps for Transitioning to a DevOps Model

3 Ways to Enhance Software Reliability and Increase Speed to Market

How to Create High Performing Teams Using Agile Methodology

DevOpsDays Chicago Embraces the Human Element behind the DevOps Model

Example of Migrating from Monolithic to Microservices Architecture

How C2K’s AWS Cloud Migration Enhanced Scalability and Disaster Recovery

Characteristics and Responsibilities of a Great Scrum Product Owner

6 Tips for Scrum Teams to Capitalize on the Sprint Retrospective

People Behind the Product: 3 Pillars of a Scrum Team

Applying Agile/Scrum & DevOps to Build Apps That Drive More Value

AWS Summit 2017 Reveals the Future State of Cloud Computing

How Enterprise Architects Can Drive More Business Value

How Greenheart's AWS Cloud Migration Improved Scalability & Security

Transformational IT Leaders Embrace a DevOps Culture

Setup Tutorial With Cosmos DB: What Sets It Apart?

Developing a Custom Application Built for Windows Touch Devices

How User Story Mapping Drives Better Product Development

Dragonspears Received 2017’s Best Places to Work in Illinois Award!

Porting iOS Application to Xamarin Forms

What does 99.99 Software Mean to DragonSpears?

What You Should Know About Serverless Development

4 Reasons to Move to Visual Studio Team Services

QWerks Builds Quality Monitoring Application

5 Mistakes That Ruin Scrum Development Projects

Why Unit Testing is Essential to 99.99 Software

Application Migration to the Cloud

Microsoft Azure Dominates 2017 Tech Summit Discussions

Welcome Director of Technology - John Hauppa

6 Ways Containers Ensure Your Application Deployment Will Never Fail

Key Takeaways from the 2017 AWS re:Invent Rewind, Chicago

Our Favorite AWS Updates of 2016

How to Start Your First Agile Project Using Scrum Methodology

Why NoSQL Is the Perfect Fit for Agile Development

How to Divide Your Scrum Team

From Concept to Strategy: Prepping for Cloud Migration

APIs: Maturity and Security

Thoughts on DevOpsDays Chicago

4 Benefits of an Open API for Customers, Partners, and Vendors

Six Steps To See Process Improvement and Why It Matters

Technology Alone Isn’t the Best Yardstick For Choosing the Right Application Development Partner, and Other Secrets

Take the 1-2-3 NoSQL Litmus Test

Get Better Data Integration, Security and Manageability with MarkLogic® 9

One Year of DragonSpears: A Time to Reflect, A Reason to Celebrate

T-Shirts, Aircraft Carriers & Speedboats: 5 Insights From our June Agile Roundtable

11 Benefits of Agile Development

6 Steps For Switching to a NoSQL Database

5 Reasons to Switch to a NoSQL Database

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