Apr 21, 2021 | 2 min read

Improving Security and Access with SSO and Password Managers

By: Daniel Anderson

Improving Security and Access with SSO and Password Managers

As your company scales, so does the complexity of sharing access to resources. Various applications, methods, and tools are available to support authentication and authorization across your organization. Here’s a look at two of our favorites – Auth0 and LastPass – that enable access across your organization while improving security.


Auth0 is a robust solution that can solve several of your authentication needs. On a basic level, Auth0 can serve as a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for your organization where each user has a unique ID and password common to all the software systems. It offers many features, including a sleek interface to manage users, giving users specific roles, and enabling passwordless authentication. Auth0 also provides libraries for multiple widely used languages, including C#, Go, Node, Python, Ruby, and Java.

Auth0 truly shines with its ability to provide authentication methods for Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions. When onboarding new clients onto a SAAS solution, one challenging obstacle is authenticating each user. You may have instances where a new company wants to provide access to hundreds or thousands of employees. Traditionally, this could mean painstakingly adding each individual onto the platform. By utilizing Auth0’s capabilities, you can have the company integrate its own SSO solution into the SAAS solution. Access is then controlled internally as employees are added or removed. If a company ever needs to be removed as a client, that can quickly be done by eliminating their single sign-on platform as a login option.


Some applications won’t allow you to use your SSO solution to access their site. Fortunately, there are password managers like LastPass to help with this. Private information is stored in a vault that only the user can open using their master password.

LastPass enables you to use unique, random passwords (ex: g6y!amp#fdjyq) for every website. The chance you’ll be hacked by someone running algorithms to guess your password is minimized. If one of your passwords is leaked from a hack, other accounts will also remain secure.

Using tools and methods such as Auth0 and LastPass can solve some common issues surrounding authentication and authorization for organizations. Contact us if you would like to talk about security and access management for your organization.