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Moving from a Project-Focused to a Product-Focused Organization

 Steven Woodward  Jun 22, 2023 8:45:00 AM  0 Comments

As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing market, the importance of embracing Agile methodologies becomes apparent. One of the most significant shifts in the businesses’ journey to agile is transitioning from a project-focused organization to a product-focused one. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of this product-focused approach.

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Why Problem Identification is Critical in Software Development

 Sienna Provvidenza  Apr 13, 2023 6:00:00 AM  0 Comments

Identifying problems early in software development is essential for successful and timely delivery. By identifying potential issues at the beginning of a project, developers can take steps to mitigate risk and ensure that any problems are addressed before they become roadblocks to project delivery. By having clear and comprehensive issue identification practices in place, software development teams can ensure that they produce high-quality products efficiently without running into any unnecessary roadblocks

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Getting Started with Software Development Metrics

 Patrick Emmons  Sep 29, 2022 6:00:00 AM  1 Comment

Metrics track key performance indicators (KPIs) within business organizations. Using them ensures that individuals and software teams are aware of performance expectations. While implementing metrics can be intimidating, the benefits make it worthwhile. Here are some tips for using software development metrics to lead teams effectively.

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