Aug 09, 2022 | 1 min read

The Detrimental Effect of Lack of Commitment During a Digital Transformation

By: Sienna Provvidenza


Companies undergoing a digital transformation strive to increase productivity and boost efficiency while streamlining workflow. Digital transformations are extensive, and various challenges could delay the process. Many organizations experience similar struggles when it comes to their digital transformation journeys.

Members from the Forbes Technology Council share advice on improving outcomes and common reasons digital transformations fail. Amongst the panel was Patrick Emmons, Founder and CEO of DragonSpears.

Emmons explains that commitment is a crucial ingredient of transformation. He adds that “commitment is necessary for an organization to learn how to do anything new.” To succeed, commitment from leadership is vital, but it’s equally important for leadership to “also understand that it’s going to hurt.” Emmons references the Stockdale Paradox, “It’s going to be hard, but you will endure, and this will be your greatest victory.”

To learn more about prevailing through a digital transformation, read the article '13 Industry Experts Share Reasons Companies Fail At Digital Transformation.'

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