Turning Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) into Strategic Assets

 Sienna Provvidenza  Sep 14, 2023 6:00:00 AM  0 Comments

Turning APIs into Strategic Assets

In an era where digital transformation has risen to the forefront of strategic initiatives across diverse industries, adopting an increasing number of applications has become a hallmark of progress. This proliferation of applications has also given rise to a parallel surge in utilizing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). However, the unbridled expansion of APIs can introduce many challenges, including confusion, inefficiency, elevated technology costs, and heightened cybersecurity risks. 

Organizations and their tech teams must proactively establish effective strategies to manage APIs responsibly to safeguard their operations and guarantee that the digital transformation journey yields the intended benefits while avoiding unintended consequences. 

In a recent Forbes Technology Council article, eighteen members share expert tips for effective API oversight. Amongst the panel is DragonSpears’ esteemed CEO, Patrick Emmons, who shares how organizations can “treat APIs as products” to avoid sprawl.  

Emmons says, “Treating APIs as products, not just resources, is key to avoiding API sprawl. This approach entails strategic planning, defining purpose, and lifecycle management. It ensures each API serves a unique, valuable role, encouraging consistency and the efficient use of resources. It will also limit the development of multiple APIs with overlapping features and without an overarching strategy.” 

Read the full article ‘18 Tips To Better Manage APIs (And Avoid Sprawl).’ 

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