Leveraging Design Sprints to Involve Stakeholders

 Sienna Provvidenza  Sep 6, 2022 6:00:00 AM  0 Comments

Leveraging Design Sprints to Involve Stakeholders

Oftentimes, new technology products and services are intended to serve multiple stakeholders. In order to satisfy all involved parties, it’s important to obtain their input throughout the project’s lifecycle. The final product or service should be a result of collaboration between relevant stakeholders and the development team. Ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard will result in a positive and more productive final product.

Members of the Forbes Technology Council share their preferred strategies to ensure final products or services satisfy the needs of all stakeholders. Patrick Emmons, Founder and CEO at DragonSpears, shares the importance of design thinking.

“Design thinking challenges assumptions and allows you to involve all stakeholders who would not otherwise be engaged,” says Emmons. Obtaining input from a wide range of stakeholders provides an inclusive and diverse perspective. He also mentions that “getting their insight helps create improved products or services for the end user.”

Read the full article ‘16 Smart Strategies To Ensure New Tech Products Are Built To Serve All Stakeholders.

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