Sep 30, 2022 | 1 min read

Leadership Development Essential for Strategic Planning in Q4

By: Sienna Provvidenza


Many industries are experiencing a ramp-up in business as the season starts to shift. With the new year on the horizon, strategic planning for Q4 has begun for organizations across all industries. As the year winds down, it’s common for technology leaders to reflect on business successes and failures to prepare for their long-term strategic plans.

The Forbes Technology Council interviewed 13 members to share important factors tech leaders should consider when mapping out their plans for Q4 and beyond. Amongst the panel, Patrick Emmons, Founder and CEO of DragonSpears, mentions the importance of investing in leadership development in Q4 strategic planning.

Emmons emphasizes, “The current shortage of professionals with leadership and management skills is going to be even more acute with the impeding widespread labor shortage.” He adds, “You need to create a team of leaders who can adjust and overcome.”

Read the full article ‘13 Essential Considerations When Developing Tech Plans At The Start Of Q4.’

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