Jun 02, 2022 | 3 min read

Agile Software Development Success is All About the Team

By: Lisa Koci

Agile Software Development Success is All About the Team

Our mission is to help companies adopt new ways of working and approaches to software delivery, while simultaneously embedding culture change through upskilling and empowering their teams. That’s why we’ve written so many articles about team development over the years. Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways to help leaders develop teams that drive innovation and customer value.

How to Create High Performing Teams Using Agile Methodology: Setting up an Agile framework and encouraging Agile behaviors helps teams gel and puts risk mitigation operations on standby from the very beginning.

The Secret to Building High-Functioning Software Development Teams: The secret to building high-functioning teams and forging transformational relationships is in your core values.

Building Software Development Teams for Strategic Growth: Two steps you can take to begin fostering innovation and business growth: 1) Invest in improving high maintenance systems, 2) Create separate strategic and operational teams.

Best Practices for Promoting Self-Organizing Teams: Most team members are used to traditional management directing them and making decisions. Self-organizing teams need a servant leader that provides effective coaching, training, and support to remove obstacles so the team members can resolve their own problems and conflicts.

Effective Ways to Manage Change on Your Agile Team: If you’ve ever been in a spot where it seems like the only constant is “change,” here’s what you can do to manage team fluctuations and prevent losing domain knowledge or development velocity: implement mentoring programs, provide clear and concise documentation and shared resources, and cross-train.

Experienced CTOs Share Advice on Software Team Advancement: We reached out to CTOs and asked them to share their hard-earned wisdom about building high-performing software delivery teams. Here’s some of what they said: Use a research-backed approach, pay attention to output and scope, find the right metrics, hold each other accountable, improve team dynamics, and check your environment.

How an Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) Strengthens Agile Teams: Strong teams have a clear set of critical functions, know the key accountabilities for each, and are made up of uniquely suited people for their roles. Utilizing EOS ensures everyone on the team is working toward the same goal.

Here’s What We’ve Learned from Building a Remote Work Culture: As remote work becomes the new norm, leaders need to ensure the right structures and tools are in place for their teams to be successful. Anything you can do to improve communication and think ahead is essential for productive remote team relationships.

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