Apr 01, 2019 | 3 min read

Core Values that Drive the Best Software Development Companies

By: Zachary Sersland

Core Values that Drive the Best Software Development Companies

(A little April Fool’s Day fun!)

Choosing the right software development company to build your custom programs or apps is tough. They are complicated, involved projects, and if you choose the wrong partner, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money. Not good!

When evaluating the fit of a software vendor with your organization, one of your first steps is to review their core values. The best core values spell out an encouraging word or slogan. We recently unveiled our latest core values, NAILED IT. Here’s what it stands for:

  • [N] Never Give In - We will follow through with the initial vision you had for your product, no matter how misguided that vision may be. As long as there's a signed SOW, we'll sink years of your time and money into whatever project you want. Rewriting your application using Visual Basic? Architecting your site to be even more monolithic? Can do. We're the yes men and order takers you're looking for.

  • [A] Always Improve - Failing horribly on our first try gives us nowhere to go but up.

  • [I] Internalize Frustration - Software development involves so many maddening aspects, it would make the average person look at what we do and say, "What's the big deal? Just do your job." From project managers not knowing how GoToMeeting works to your fellow developers not knowing a unit test from a spelling test, coders must internalize frustration, never revealing the torment that lies within us all.

  • [L] Lie - Clients are fragile, delicate creatures that often can't handle the reality of the projects they're bankrolling. Crafting thorough, finely detailed lies is the cornerstone of any developer's daily task list.

  • [E] Everybody Dance Now - Coding can be lonely, tedious work. A mid-day rendition of the Macarena or Cupid Shuffle led by the company president can be a real morale booster.

  • [D] Deny - A healthy project relies on requirements documentation, ensuring the client, project manager, and developers are in sync with the vision of the project. Since we often find ourselves in unhealthy projects, "forgetting" to document requirements and backlog grooming sessions enables us to pass the buck to almost anyone. Remember, if you don't document requirements, everything is out of scope.

  • [I] Information - Information is the most important commodity in the IT sector. Therefore, we must horde it all for ourselves, sparing none for our clients or associates.

  • [T] Transition - A developer should always be prepared to transition to another role, especially if a recruiter contacts them about a very exciting opportunity with a very exciting company in the greater Chicago area that would be a perfect fit for them. Therefore, a good developer is ready to transition by keeping their resume updated at all times.

Let’s hope you’ve read this till the end so we can say, “April Fool’s!” 😊 Obviously, any custom software development company that acted like that wouldn’t be in business long. Check out the real core values that drive our mission to help Midwest software teams do more with less… and do it quicker!

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About Zachary Sersland

Zachary Sersland is a senior developer and team lead at DragonSpears. He earned his degree in computer science from Northwestern University and has been working in software development and consulting ever since. His focus is primarily in .Net and AWS, but he’s also taken on projects using Azure, PHP, and even Python. His favorite aspects of working at DragonSpears are the company’s development of leaders at every level and the opportunity to work with such talented teammates. He’s a movie fan, having seen every movie on the AFI and BFI Top 100 Films lists, and in high school, he earned money as a church organist.