May 09, 2018 | 2 min read

6 Ways Cloud-Based Applications Benefit Your Business

By: Patrick Emmons

6 Ways Cloud-Based Applications Benefit Your Business

The overarching goal for businesses today is to leverage software in a way that increases speed to market, improves customer satisfaction, and allows you to become more responsive to customers’ needs. Yet choosing the right hosting solutions for your company’s apps is no easy task. Here are 6 ways cloud-based applications ensure success in a competitive market.

1. Unilaterally Sync User Data

Any app used for collaboration or information sharing needs to provide users with the ability to sync data effortlessly. You can simplify the task of creating a highly collaborative ecosystem when you select cloud-based hosting. While VPN-based servers are available to host your app, cloud hosting is generally far more robust and effective.

2. Make Information Readily Accessible

Allowing app users to readily access data is also vital to the program’s success. Often, cloud integration of various data sources is easier and requires far less hardware configuration on your end. Once you have a cloud-based hosting system in place, you can allow users to access real-time data regardless of where they are. Plus, if business professionals within your company use the app, this access to data can help them make important decisions based on fact rather than emotion.

3. On-Demand Pricing

Instead of trying to shoulder the burden of operating and maintaining data centers, companies can save money with cloud hosting. Generally, this type of hosting uses an on-demand model to determine costs. This means your company will only be charged for the bandwidth used and not a penny more.

4. Scale Your App Quickly

If your business is moving into different markets, hosting your apps in the cloud is ideal. With this type of hosting, you can scale your app with ease. Cloud hosting providers have pre-built points of presence all around the globe. This means you can quickly expand into different regions without a large investment.

5. Reliability Is Key

The last thing any company wants is for their app to be unreliable. Cloud-based applications help you to keep your program functional, and it can also help you avoid security issues. Cloud hosting providers routinely update the programs on their network, which in turn keeps their overall systems more secure.

6. Manage Your App From Anywhere

Being able to manage your app from anywhere can also be a reality with the help of cloud hosting. In the world of apps and computer software programs, problems are bound to happen. However, quickly fixing the issues with your app will be a breeze when you can access it from home, while on vacation or during your daily commute.

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