Feb 28, 2018 | 3 min read

Top 5 DevOps Blogs for the Latest Trends, Strategies, and News

By: Patrick Emmons

Top 5 DevOps Blogs for the Latest Trends, Strategies, and News

If you’re in product development, your goal is to build and deploy increasingly reliable software as quickly as possible. With that goal in mind, researching best practices in adopting a DevOps model that tightens the relationship between software development and IT may be high on your wish list. Unfortunately, manual processes, supporting existing applications, and keeping up to date on industry regulations often leaves little room for growth and innovation. In a field that is constantly changing, it’s helpful to know where to find the best information without being sucked into a rabbit hole of research using time you don’t have.

To save you time, we’ve compiled five of our favorite DevOps blogs to explore the current news and ideas hitting the DevOps sphere.


This blog deals with all things DevOps, and DevOps only. From custom application development to agile coaching, DevOps.com covers it all. You can find articles on strategies, best practices, case studies and events in the DevOps world. It offers a podcast called DevOps Chat. There’s a monthly webinar for the newest information on specific DevOps strategies and tactics, and you can also download pdfs and e-books on a myriad of topics.

DZone DevOps

This blog covers it all: DevOps, IOT, Java, Cloud, etc. Many of the articles they highlight are written by well-known engineers in the DevOps field. The blog features articles and commentary on tools and practices, both practical and theoretical, from varied industries.

Docker Blog

You can’t talk about DevOps without touching upon Containers. This blog is product-centric, but if you’re a Docker user or are interested in how you might leverage Containers in the future, it is a valuable resource for practical education and product news.

DevOps Cube

The Cube is a top-tier blog in anyone’s rating system. It offers tips, tutorials, examples and what’s currently trending. It highlights articles that discuss the best, current DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Google Cloud, Docker, and others. Whether you’re a DevOps novice or a seasoned engineer, this blog offers something you can use.


If you want to keep up with the latest news and happenings from across the industry, this is the blog for you. It offers a variety of topics, from cloud computing to networks to data to DevOps. You’ll find articles with technical recommendations and tips answering how-to questions. This blog is an off-shoot of Network World online magazine.

Tip of the Iceberg

The selected blogs listed here are but the tip of the iceberg. The ever-changing face of DevOps necessitates ongoing learning and investigating new ideas. For more tactical DevOps resources, subscribe to the DragonSpears blog or Contact Us to get started on an assessment of your current environment and workloads.

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