The Best Thing You Can Do to Improve Customer Satisfaction

 Patrick Emmons  Nov 16, 2015 6:00:00 AM  1 Comment

Every company needs to make constant improvements because let’s face it; whatever you did 6 months ago is not making your customer happy now. While your client revenue remains the same, expectations continue to rise. If you can’t keep up with these increases in demands, you will slowly begin to lose your clients. By reviewing and updating your business processes you can remain agile enough to take advantage of new opportunities and ward off attacks from competitors. What is the best thing you can do to improve customer satisfaction? Here are 3 reasons why a business process improvement might be the answer…

The Best Thing You can do to Improve Customer Satisfaction

1. It affects your bottom line

Your customers ARE your bottom line and when they are happy, you have more time to generate additional revenue by acquiring new clients. A business process improvement boosts your bottom line by helping you to:

    • Be more responsive to customer demands – This is your opportunity to create a system that makes it impossible for people NOT to participate. Take Starbucks for example, their online purchasing system makes it so easy to use that no one says no (or at least not often)!

    • Be more transparent with your customers – This is your chance to give clients the ability to interact and see how the processes are helping them achieve their business goals. This will keep them engaged with your company and excited to be a part of it.
2. It saves time in the long run

Many people are so busy working in the business; they do not have time to work on the business. You will constantly have to re-coach employees if you do not take the time up front to thoroughly develop a business process. Unfortunately, your customers will pay the price for this inefficient loss of time. A business process improvement saves you time by:

    • Automating your tasks – This makes the daily process less complicated and saves time each and every day that the associated task must be completed. That time adds up quickly and translates into extra revenue.

    • Creating consistency amongst tasks – Consistency is the key to accomplishing any successful goal. Implementing your business process improvement basically ensures that your desired goals will be reached due to consistent efforts.
3. It increases employee productivity

Increasing employee productivity is an ongoing battle, but implementing a business process improvement that makes your employees’ lives easier, gives them a quick boost in morale. Sometimes, a morale boost is all a burnt out employee needs to become re-engaged. An involved employee is better prepared to work with customers to ensure they reach a level of satisfaction in all areas of your business. A business process improvement increases employee productivity by:

  • Preventing loss of knowledge when someone leaves – You never know when you might lose an employee for any number of reasons. A process improvement can ensure this possibility never hurts your business by creating a transferrable system for your business process.

  • Holding everyone accountable – There are times in every organization when no one wants to take responsibility for a task. Your process improvement can ensure that everyone is held accountable throughout task execution to prevent unnecessary hindrances to completion.

Now that you know you need to make a business process improvement, it is time to take the first step. Join us for the upcoming Process Improvement at the Speed of Business webinar to get more information that can help you take the necessary steps to ensure the continued growth and success of your organization.

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