One Year of DragonSpears: A Time to Reflect, A Reason to Celebrate

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Anniversary Lunch

Break out the champagne: DragonSpears is celebrating its first anniversary. Our team was once part of another organization, but in 2015, it came time for us to spread our digital wings and launch ourselves as an independent operation.

Our first 12 months have flown by, and they've been truly exciting. We've continued to work with long time clients, forged new relationships and developed new partnerships. We love our work, and can't wait to find out what the next year will bring.

We at DragonSpears are proudly Chicago-based and distinctly Midwest-oriented. And although our company is young, our group has been building customized applications for 15 years. Our apps are advanced and powerful, just like the aircraft from which we took our name: the U.S. Air Force's famous Dragon Spear gunship.

Why Choose a Customized App?

Custom software is designed to perfectly suit an organization's needs. While off-the-shelf applications have their place, they're not likely to take care of all, or even most, of your requirements, especially if your company has unique demands. Plus, off-the-shelf apps can be difficult to modify, and they might not be compatible with other programs that your company uses.

At DragonSpears, we create customized apps that let firms analyze and control their data more effectively, which can lead to valuable insights. Our apps also streamline and speed up various business operations and let professionals engage more efficiently with customers, suppliers, staff members and others. This kind of process improvement can have a seriously positive effect on a company's bottom line.

What Makes DragonSpears Special?

Whether you want an existing application remade or an entirely new app, we'll supply you with creative and solutions-oriented thinking, technical mastery and a willingness to keep fine-tuning until you're satisfied. Our flexible staffing model allows us to collaborate with your in-house IT team (if you have one) or become your dedicated development team.

We'll also converse with the people who'll use your application so that we can understand their expectations. After all, for an app to be successful, all major stakeholders must have the features they're looking for.

When you possess one of our apps, you have a precise and agile tool that no one else in the world has. Your workflows will promote a level of efficiency you have never experienced before. In fact, once your custom app is ready, you might feel like throwing a party ― just as we'll be doing on our first anniversary.


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