How to Recognize the Need for Process Improvement

 Patrick Emmons  Nov 5, 2015 8:00:00 AM  0 Comments

Do you have a problem with any of your processes that is secretly depleting your internal resources and negatively impacting your bottom line? Processes are what drive the results of your business goals and ensure that your organization stays competitive, so it's critical to quickly identify when they become a problem. Here are some questions you should ask yourself in order to reveal a need for process improvement:

How to Recognize the Need for Process Improvement

1. Do we have clear and measurable business goals?

You should know exactly where you want your business to go and be very specific so you can determine when you have reached your goals. Ensure your success, by:

  • Identifying business goal(s)
  • Defining a realistic timeframe to accomplish these goals
  • Assigning metrics in order to increase transparency and track progress
  • Reporting progress regularly

If you do not have a way for tracking your metrics, this is a clear sign that you have a process problem.

2. Are our processes documented?

Can you quickly identify each process that helps you maintain your business and reach your goals? If not, you can do this now by:

  • Outlining your current processes across all departments
  • Determining who is accountable for documenting each set of processes
  • Setting and adhering to a deadline for completing process documentation

If a process is not properly documented – it will not be properly followed.

3. Is everyone aware of these processes and do they know where to find them?

Once your processes are documented, make sure that they are shared so that everyone can access them. This enables everyone to properly follow a process.

  • Give new employees immediate and complete access to reduce the time it will take them to reach their full level of productivity
  • Assign a manager that has the ability to properly identify when the process needs to be restructured and the power to implement changes

If you do not have someone in charge of monitoring and updating processes as needed they will become quickly outdated.

Recognizing that your business process needs improvement is just the first step, and improving your process takes considerable effort. Join us for the upcoming Process Improvement at the Speed of Business webinar to get more information that can help you take the necessary steps to ensure the continued growth and success of your organization.

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