Oct 08, 2015 | 2 min read

How the Million Dollar Round Table Increased Enrollments by 70%

By: Patrick Emmons


Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a premier association of financial professionals with more than 38,000 of the world’s leading life insurance and financial service specialists, was struggling to reach their full growth potential before working with DragonSpears. Find out how DragonSpears helped streamline and automate MDRT’s largely manual member recruiting and event management processes to achieve record enrollments.

They were concerned, however, that an online experience could not replicate their offline processes effectively, nor would it deliver the desired handholding they believed their members required. Their solution also needed to improve their business processes without moving off their AS/400. Lastly, they had partnered with two prior firms and had spent a significant amount of money with very little to show for their investment.

During discovery, DragonSpears worked closely with MDRT’s internal teams and business units to determine the application and registration rules and exceptions, then mapped out processes for member acquisition and communication – unifying these processes into an efficient, user-friendly workflow.

The phase one solution was an interactive, responsive website providing intuitive support for applicants for a highly complex enrollment and registration process.

The phase one solution delivered:

  • Record enrollment and event registration
  • Significant time-savings for MDRT’s recruiting and membership teams
  • Less frustration for potential and existing MDRT members, since they interact 24/7 with a more robust, comprehensive solution
  • Increased insights from automated reporting and scorecarding
  • Built the necessary tools to push & pull data from AS/400 – automating the enrollment and registration process

Phase two included improvements to the enrollment process, which:

  • Increased adoption rates by a further 70%
  • Eliminated 16,000 paper enrollments, which in prior years would have had to be handled and keyed by the staff, and
  • Delivered a second year of record enrollments

We hoped the new solution would deliver a 10% member adoption rate in the first year. We launched the solution just before our annual Membership season and were thrilled with an adoption rate at 28% for the first year.

– Jim Unander, IT Director

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