Innovation and the Digital Enterprise

The Innovation and the Digital Enterprise podcast is the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs and technology executives focused on influencing positive transformation that leads to organizational success. Join co-hosts DragonSpears’ Patrick Emmons and Madison Industries’ Shelli Nelson as they chat with guests from a variety of industries uncovering tips, tools, and insights gleaned from spearheading their own innovation initiatives.


Balancing Innovation and the Bottom Line with Reza Rooholamini

[fa icon="user"] Patrick Emmons [fa icon="calendar"]  Jan 8, 2020 9:30:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

Trying to work on the next big thing in software without bankrupting the company on research and development can be a tricky balancing act. To successfully manage such operations, leaders need to think tactically.

Reza Rooholamini is the Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and Technology at CCC Information Services Inc. One way that CCC has managed this issue is by creating an innovation lab that functions as its own startup within the company. On this week’s episode of Innovation and the Digital Enterprise, Reza discusses the pragmatic approach that CCC takes toward innovation.

Listen in for Reza’s four-pronged approach to successful innovation and his criteria for success.

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Bringing Innovation from the Private Sector to Government with Sean T. O’Kelly

[fa icon="user"] Patrick Emmons [fa icon="calendar"]  Dec 4, 2019 9:30:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

Private sector companies spend a lot of time innovating to create the best possible user experience for potential customers. Government agencies by contrast, tend to work with outdated, analog tools. Why aren’t government agencies following suit?

Sean T. O’Kelly spent more than twenty years in the tech private sector. When he was appointed CIO for Financial and Professional Regulation at the State of Illinois, he jumped at the opportunity to help create a more positive user experience for everyday citizens. Sean talks to Patrick and Shelli about innovation as a public good and why he believes all people should strive to serve in a government capacity at some point in their careers.

Tune in for a lively discussion on innovation at the intersection of public and private sectors.

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How Optimizing Technology Can Help Businesses Scale with Karen Fedyszyn

[fa icon="user"] Patrick Emmons [fa icon="calendar"]  Nov 12, 2019 9:30:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

Gone are the days when a company’s IT teams just babysat servers. Today, individual services and outside vendors dominate the industry. With this fast pace of recent technological leaps brings new opportunities to harness technology that can help businesses find creative ways to scale.

Karen Fedyszyn, an award-winning Information Technology Executive, sat down with Pat and Shelli for a wide-ranging conversation about her experiences managing teams for brands such as Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants, Ace Hardware, and HSBC. Karen shares why she believes shadow IT should be treated as an innovation pipeline, the challenges of moving from problem focused to solution focused IT, and her tips for creating productive IT teams that allow members to both learn and work on things they are passionate about.

Tune in for practical advice from an IT industry pro.

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Conflict, Failures and Transparency as Business Assets with Sean Brown

[fa icon="user"] Patrick Emmons [fa icon="calendar"]  Oct 9, 2019 9:30:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

Failure isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, Sean Brown, CEO of YCharts, wants to hire failures – they are, after all, risk-takers that aren’t afraid to try something new. On this week’s episode, Sean joins Pat for a wide-ranging conversation about the lessons Sean has learned in his 25+ years starting, selling, buying, and running various companies.

Sean talks to us about why he believes the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) philosophy works so well in business and shares his four-part playbook for developing successful companies. Listen in to find out how to best get to know your customers, how to attract top talent, and why you need full transparency at every level of your business.

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Open Communication and Frameworks for High Performing Teams with Eric Foster

[fa icon="user"] Patrick Emmons [fa icon="calendar"]  Sep 25, 2019 9:30:00 AM [fa icon="comments-o"] 0 Comments

Open communication and high performing teams don’t just appear out of nowhere. In order to have a team that gels, you need to put in the work to create a space in which all team members know the vision of your company, have clear expectations, and know how to course-correct when things go awry.

Eric Foster, a CIO with experience spanning multiple technology firms, sat down to speak with Pat and Shelli on his three-part framework for creating high performing teams. Eric also explains why it is so important that you spend time thinking about the culture you want and how to go about creating it. Listen in for tips and book recommendations so you have the tools you need to create an unstoppable team.

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